Fantasy Island Eco Resort is just 5 minutes away from the second largest Barrier Reef in the World. Here you can dive and experience a variety of marine life, coral formations, caves and walls. Fantasy Island Eco resort is offering two tank dives to different dive sites each day. Tanks, weights and air are included in the package. Special trips are offered to the Blue Hole which is two hours away from Fantasy Island. These trips require a minimum of 6 divers and are weather dependent. During the full moon season in March through June we will be offering whale shark trips to Gladden Spit.
Belize is home to the Western Hemisphere’s longest continuous barrier reef, approximately 185 miles of coral formations with a large variety of marine life. The Southern Barrier Reef offers several different snorkelling sites for both beginners and experienced snorkelers. Fantasy Island Eco Resort offers two guided snorkel trips per day. Equipment’s not included. Snorkelling can also be done on your own leisure time. Kayaking trips are great fun. We offer a variety of trips and adventures with instructional assistance to beginners, and excitement for people with all levels of kayaking experience. You can paddle your sea kayak to magnificent scuba/snorkelling spots or explore nearby islands such as Man-O-War Caye , the famous Bird island.
Simply relaxation!
The avid fly fishermen will have a great time at Fantasy Island Eco Resort where the bonefish and permits play. You can fly-fish for bonefish from the island or take a small boat out. Our experienced guide will give you a lifetime adventure. We recommend that you bring along your own fly-fishing equipment.